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December 2017

ANCA Glendale Meeting with Interim City Manager and Department Heads

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Glendale – On Tuesday November 28th, ANCA Glendale Chairman Artin Manoukian, Board Member Lucy Petrosian, Community Outreach Director Margarita Baghdasaryan, and ANCA Western Region Board Member Berdj Karapetian held a meeting with Glendale’s interim City Manager Yasmin Beers, City Attorney Michael J. Garcia, Director of Human Resources Matt Doyle, and Director of Community Development Philip Lanzafame at Glendale City Hall.  During the meeting ANCA Glendale Chairman discussed some of the activities the chapter has conducted this year.  As well as stated the organizations’ priorities for the upcoming year, including finding creative solutions to the affordable housing issue, working with the city to promote diversity in the workforce and ensuring the proper treatment of all employees, as well as the actualization of the Armenian American Museum.  The…

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