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January 2016

ANCA-Glendale Hosts Annual Armenian Christmas Event to Capacity Crowd

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GLENDALE — The Armenian National Committee of America, Glendale Chapter (ANCA-Glendale) hosted their annual “Armenian Christmas Party” event on January 13th at the Karamanoukian Glendale Youth Center. The event, which resulted in a capacity crowd, saw over 150 community members in attendance. Representatives and staff from US Congressman Schiff’s office, Glendale City Council, Glendale City Management, Glendale Unified School District, Glendale Community College Board of Trustees, and various community organizations all came together to celebrate. “We have very significant objectives and goals to achieve in the coming year. There is a tremendous amount of responsibility and work to be done, but with the support we enjoy from all those in attendance, we feel confident that we will build on our success and learn from our setbacks…

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