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Statement in response to the recent incident involving the Mayor and a Glendale City Councilmember at a Royal Canyon Property Owners Association event

By September 16, 2019 No Comments

GLENDALE, CA (September 16, 2019) – The Armenian National Committee of America – Glendale Chapter (ANCA-Glendale) is
gravely concerned about an incident that occurred at a Royal Canyon Property Owners Association (RCPOA) event on September 8, 2019 where City of Glendale Mayor Ara Najarian and City Councilmember Vartan Gharpetian were asked to leave RCPOA’s Summer Social event citing it was a “non-political” and “members-only” event.

The overall poor treatment of two councilmembers of Armenian descent appears to be disrespectful at best and perhaps discriminatory at its worst. This type of treatment of any Glendale resident, much less elected representatives of our city, should be a matter of concern to all residents of our city. Implicit or explicit acts of discrimination are unacceptable and must always be strongly confronted.

At a juncture when it is critical for all segments of the community to come together to work for the betterment of our city as a whole, we look to city officials and community leaders alike to demonstrate the city’s fundamental commitment to embracing diversity and inclusion, starting with its immigrant community. Given this expectation of our community leaders, it is imperative for RCPOA representatives to clarify their actions and bring this matter to a constructive conclusion.

While the deplorable parts of Glendale’s history can never be forgotten—when the city was a haven for white nationalism—we believe the present Glendale is one that embraces its diversity, multiculturalism and champions inclusivity.

ANCA-Glendale is committed to a proactive approach to these issues and has reached out to the RCPOA leadership requesting a meeting. During the coming week, ANCA-Glendale representatives look forward to a direct, open and honest dialogue with RCPOA board members to further address concerns raised by community members.

The Armenian National Committee of America-Glendale Chapter (ANCA-Glendale) is a grassroots public affairs organization devoted to advancing issues of concern to the Armenian American community in Glendale, California.